Nudestix Tinted Cover Review

Nudestix has been a favourite brand of mine for years. The fool-proof, easy to use products were an absolute godsend after the birth of my son. I could make my face up in a matter of minutes while wrangling a small child. However, there was always one thing missing from their lineup – A foundation. While they do have the Tinted Blur Stick, which I might add is incredible, sometimes it just didn’t provide me with enough coverage.

Enter Nudestix Tinted Cover. Staying faithful to the Nudestix motto of minimalistic beauty on the go, this foundation promises a natural-looking, lightweight base that works with your skin and imperfections, rather than masking them.

Nudestix Tinted Cover


Tinted Cover is a natural finish foundation formulated as an innovative Korean skincare formula with tinted pigments that are buildable to even and brighten skin tone, natural actives to protect from environmental skin aging, moisturize the skin and improve overall texture.

Key Points

  • $49 for 20ml
  • Water-resistance
  • Skincare based formula promises hydration
  • Anti-aging and Anti-inflammatory
  • Contains lavender oil and Tea Tree Oil
  • Synthetic Fragrance-free
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • Buildable coverage
  • Natural glowy finish



Packaging and Formula

Housed in a black and clear squeezy plastic tube, which also boasts a pump has gotten the tick of approval from me. It’s practical, light and still looks good perched upon my vanity.  The size or volume of the product itself has caused quite a bit of criticism. The tube contains only 20ml of foundation, which is a fair bit less than your average base product of 30ml.

The consistency of the formula is nothing remarkable, just your standard creamy base product that isn’t thick, nor is it runny.


Application and Performance

I found the application of Tinted Cover to be quite effortless. The sheer nature of the product allows it to be spread across the skin with absolute ease. I found that this particular formula worked best when applied with warm fingers. Otherwise, it is too sheered out and lost in your sponge or brush. With each wear of Tinted Cover, I found that it didn’t quite build up as promised. Regardless of how much product I applied the coverage stayed the same and I just got more and more glowy with each layer.

The finish is very natural and dewy. As much as I adore a bit of dew, I did feel the need to set my face with a dusting of powder to ensure there wasn’t an oil outbreak by the end of the day. My skin tone is mostly evened out and my little freckles are still shining their way through.


When I first applied Tinted Cover, I expected it to quickly disappear throughout the day. However, I found the staying power to be good, albeit pretty oily, but still good. There is some fading but due to the sheer coverage, I feel like that is expected.  I manage to make it last a whole workday with just a dusting of powder in the morning. In the warmer weather, I’d imagine there to be quite a bit more fading and oil production, so touchups would definitely be needed.

Nudestix Tinted Cover – Verdict

Tinted Cover is nice. It really does work with your skin to make you look your natural, dewy best without too much coverage at all.  It lasts relatively well but I do foresee issues once the weather is much muggier.  I don’t wear a lot of makeup to work, so I find that this is a good option, especially when my skin is looking particularly clear and smooth.

The size of this baby is quite small, especially for the price. While I really like Tinted Cover, I am not sure I can justify the price. My ride or die lightweight base, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, provides a really similar result (with a more buildable coverage) and is the same price, however, it contains 13mls extra – that’s a huge difference

The inclusion of  Essential Oils (Lavender and Tea Tree) is an interesting choice. For me, personally, I love lavender and it doesn’t affect me, however, it is known to irritate and inflame the skin. Plus, it is a divisive fragrance that isn’t always well-liked. For a base product that is said to be skincare based, it is quite ignorant to include such widely disliked irritants such as essential oils. While it isn’t a factor that really affects me, it is worth noting if you’re a member of the anti-essential oils camp or if your skin is particularly reactive.


Do You Need Tinted Cover? Who Will It Suit?

Look, it’s a nice product. If you have clear skin and require a sheer coverage that adds a glow to your complexion, it’s a great option. But I would definitely steer clear if your skin is sensitive, reactive, particularly oily or if essential oils don’t agree with you.

You can find Nudestix at Sephora.

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