I’m sure we’ve all drooled over those beautifully organised makeup storage videos and pictures on Instagram.  Everything has its place and each product is displayed so perfectly in drawer inserts, it is honestly like a work of art.

While these organisers seem to be what dreams are made of, they really aren’t very practical to me. Firstly, they are bloody expensive. Who wants to spend more money on some bits of acrylic rather than actual makeup products? Yeah, no thanks. With a staggering total of 19 drawers in my vanity, fitting each of them out with dividers would cost upwards of $800. That certainly doesn’t fit into my budget 😐

Untitled design

As beautiful and aesthetically pleasing these vanities look, they are just not very space conscious.  I don’t know about you, but I need to fit more than 30 powders in one drawer. I also need flexibility around the size and shape of products I want to fit into my drawers.

My Storage

Firstly, I really dislike a whole heap of clutter sitting on top of my vanity, so I try to keep it as minimalistic as possible (which is so tricky). Excessive clutter actually makes me feel anxious, so I definitely don’t need for my workspace to have items displayed all over the place. I need a space that is inspiring and gets my creative juices flowing. That just doesn’t happen with 3829 products fighting for space. So I am continually chopping and changing the desktop to get it to a point where I am happy – it hasn’t quite happened yet.


If I could figure out another way to store my perfumes, where they weren’t taking up desk space, I’d be bang on it. I’ve even put away my brush collection and only left out the brushes I use every day.


Now, as far as the drawers are concerned, I’m more in the mindset of an organised mess. I’m going to make the most of my space by fitting as many products into a drawer as I can, while still being able to see my collection and sorting by product type.

Here are some snapshots of a selection of drawers

See, organised mess 🙂

I get that it doesn’t look as lovely as your typical makeup storage porn, but its practical, cost-effective and it works for me and my needs. Everything still has its place, I can see all of my products and my wallet isn’t $800 lighter.

I still love the look of clear acrylic dividers, but mine only cost between $2-$5 each from Kmart. I also use Mecca Boxes to divide products – they may not look as aesthetically pleasing but it cuts down on waste too. Plus, I can arrange them however I like, so there’s no chance of some larger products been shafted to a reject drawer because of their size and not fitting into the pre-set dividers (Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronze, I’m looking at you).


How do you store your collection? Are you a bit of an organised mess, like me or more polished?


Camille x