StylPRO Brush Cleaning System REVIEW

Hello Beauties,

You may have or may not have seen this little device kicking around on the interwebs. It promises to not only clean but to dry your dirty makeup brushes, to the point of re-use, in only 30 seconds. Seriously, what is this sorcery?! Could this be possible?


I first saw this little baby about 6 months ago, and I was um-ing and ahh-ing about it for a little while. I finally decided to grab it but then StylPRO , a UK brand, no longer shipped to Australia. I thought any chance owning this miracle product had gone out the window.

Enter Crush Cosmetics, who just recently started selling the device.


What is it?

So basically the StylePRO consists of a little battery operated handle/spindle, 8 brush collars and one plastic bowl. The little collars slip over the handle of your makeup brush and attach to the spindle. You dunk the the brush into soapy water in the bowl and turn the sucker on. It then spins around in the water and you move in and out for about 5 seconds. Then, my favourite bit, you spin it outside of the water for 10 seconds to dry the brush. Voila!


Does it work?

Yes and no. Some brushes came out squeaky clean, while other didn’t even look like they had been washed. I experimented with different soaps, water levels and brushes, but I had inconsistent results. The StylPRO branded soap did work the best. However, because it is not a disinfectant, I don’t truly feel like it is really cleaning my brushes. Yes, my brushes were mostly clean and back to their original colour, but the bacteria wasn’t entirely removed. Which I feel completely defeats the purpose of cleaning them. At least when I used my normal Dr Bronners Cleanser with this device, although the brushes don’t look squeaky clean, I know that they’re  germ free. What a conundrum.






  • My brushes are dry in mere minutes, instead of over 24 hours (HUGE PRO)
  • My smaller eyebrushes were cleaned really well with the StylPRO soap
  • The whole process is mess free
  • Much easier than my usual routine


  • Doesn’t always completely clean brushes (Especially foundation brushes or heavily stained brushes)
  • It is more time consuming than usual brush washing. Switching the different collars and the 5 seconds actual wash time for each brush does add up.
  • It isn’t cheap
  • Does make some brushes look damaged after spinning
Small Eye Brush before…
Small brush afterds
Small concealer brush after a few attempts


Overall thoughts

I am pretty disappointed to be completely honest. I was expecting this absolute winner of a product that was meant to cut out all the hard work from the chore that is makeup washing.  Although it isn’t horrible, it is very time-consuming for results that aren’t guaranteed. I actually reverted back to my old ways after about an hour because I just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere and my brushes weren’t 100% clean. But the one thing that I love is the fact that my brushes are basically dry straight away. Now that is impressive.  I don’t think I can recommend the StylePRO on that factor alone. I will continue to play around with it and update you on my findings.



What do you think? Will you buy this device?


Until next time,


Camille x


DISCLAIMER – All opinions are based purely from my own experiences. I try my hardest to provide my readers with accurate information, but I am not by any means a professional, nor am I an expert. Please do not confuse my opinions with professional advice.


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15 thoughts on “StylPRO Brush Cleaning System REVIEW

  1. Just purchased it ( BEFORE I READ YOUR REVIEW) I’m excited to see how it works and I hope I have better luck. It’s hard when you refer to foundation brushes that are more dense. I know when I wash them with my Sigma mat I have to do it more then three times to really get them clean and then dry them for days before I can use them. I hope it works out for me I have a pile of over 200 brushes that need cleaning

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    1. I don’t have too many issues cleaning my brushes usually. But they just didn’t seem too clean. Plus it was just so time consuming, and I didn’t even wash all of my dirty brushes haha. Hope you have better luck x


      1. Ohhh.. I haven’t tried those soap bars either, I’ll stick to my normal liquid soap and mat, draining , but effective.. The quick drying of StlPro sounds awesome.. Hate waiting for brushes to dry


  2. I’ve got one and found that when I use my beauty blender solid cleanser it worked the best (all brushes came out clean) . I also arranged my brushes from biggest to smallest handles so I didn’t have to keep changing the heads. Just the drying time alone made it a winner for me!

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