Juvia’s Place Nubian Palette Review and Swatches

A couple of months ago, during my endless instagram lurking, I stumbled across the most incredible looking palette. The shades looked like absolute perfection and the swatches seemed full of buttery, silky goodness; there was an inner struggle and the angel on my shoulder finally won out, I would not be purchasing the palette.  I have been making a huge effort trying not to purchase things that I really don’t need, and with upwards of *censored* palettes, another palette – let alone another warm-toned neutrals palette – is definitely something I didn’t need. Fast forward a bit and I was having a really shitty week. Work was super stressful, I was feeling horribly homesick and my PMS was outta control – Not even a cheeseburger could fix it! I was at home by myself and I was a few red wines deep, when this magical green palette popped up again on my instagram feed. Needless to say, the devil in me was ready to lead me astray. I woke up with a pounding headache, a red wine stain on my pjs and an email stating that my package was on its way. Package?! I vaguely remembered dancing around the living room, wine and phone in hand, excited that I was finally getting my hands on the one and only Nubian palette by Juvia’s Place. Whoops! It arrived in all its glory not long after and I have been obsessed ever since.


I am in two minds about the packaging – I love black sleek packaging. It is classic, classy and ageless. Plus it photographs really well – something that unfortunately does figure into my purchases. However, this stunning shade of green really stands out among my palette collection. I really love the artwork on the front, I like that it is different from anything else I own. Although the packaging is made of cardboard, it is sturdy and has a magnetic closure. On the inside there is no mirror, but the same artwork as the front. I do love a palette with a mirror, but for the price of this I can over look that. The palette has 12 shades that are set out perfectly, with generous pan sizes.


The shades are absolutely stunning. They range from a beautiful duo-chrome champagne-y pink highlight shade, to a rich shimmery rust and deep browns for depth. There are 4 matte shades which fill out the palette perfectly. A universal base shade, something a touch deeper for a transition shade, a warm brown and a dark brown to create something a little more smokey.  I, for one, am glad there isn’t a stark black in this palette. I know some people would disagree with this, but I get more use out of a rich brown, than I do a black. The only change to the shades I would make to this palette is that I would trade one of the medium shimmery browns to a deep matte burgundy rusty sort of colour. But I can be a little picky, haha.

The formula is perfection. There is not one colour in this palette that doesn’t perform. The mattes aren’t in the slightest chalky and blend like a dream. The shimmers are comparable to the Morphe 35O palette. They are crazy metallic and look incredible on. There is a touch of fall out, as you’d expect from shades so soft. I cannot say anything negative about these formulas. They are velvety, full of pigment  and just such a pleasure to use.


Apart from a couple of points already mentioned, which were hardly cons. The only other thing I want to say is that the shipping was a tad expensive. I was lucky enough to grab this beauty on sale for US$23 the shipping cost me US$21, almost the same price as the palette.I would have thought more about this, had I not been a little inebriated.

Overall, the Nubian Palette by Juvia’s Place is incredibly beautiful. Now that I have it in my hot little hands, there is nothing in me that regrets this purchase. I know that because of the stunning shades and impeccable formula, that this little green baby is going to be very very well-loved.

Did you buy the Nubian Palette? Or is there another palette you have your eye on ? Tell me, and I’ll keep it in mind next time I’m on a drunken spending spree.

Camille xx


  1. October 5, 2016 / 2:32 am

    Love the shimmery color! But the shipping charge is kind of ridiculous…

  2. October 5, 2016 / 11:11 am

    I’ve had my eye on this too but the shipping!! Oh the shipping!! I’m a shocker for ‘fixing’ a shitty week with some online purchases too and I have to say it generally does the trick haha.


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