The Jade Roller

This little miracle beauty tool has completely changed my skin and skincare regime. No wonder it has been used in China for centuries.  I have been using this for nearly 8 weeks now and I cannot live without it, I even took it travelling with me recently. The roller does look a little strange, but don’t let that put you off. The roller has two pieces of smooth jade that roll over your skin. Jade is a beautiful gemstone, used widely in eastern jewellery, ornaments and medicine. Jade is believed to have healing powers as well as metaphysical properties. I have always been attracted to the beauty of crystals and minerals and I have a fairly extensive collection. So this tool perfectly combines my love of crystals and cosmetics.


So what does the jade roller do? It is said to improve circulation and skin tone, improve elasticity, encourage lymphatic drainage, remove toxins, reduce puffiness and wrinkles, and reduce redness. The use of the roller with skincare products also pushes in the skincare so that you skin gets the full benefits.  To use the roller you simply roll it outwards and upwards with a small amount of pressure. The jade pieces are cool to touch but I like to keep my roller in the freezer for more of a cooling effect, which also seems to tighten my pores. I use it to push in my moisturisers, serums and even to massage in hydrating masks. Products seems to be absorbed quicker, under eye bags and gray tones are immediately lifted and any redness just disappears. After use my skin looks plump and glowy. It is seriously a miracle worker. Just using this, regardless of the benefits is such a pleasure. It makes me feel like I am getting a facial, even while sitting at home binge watching Netflix.  And the best thing about it? It costs peanuts. I bought mine off Ebay for around $5.



This has been my first introduction to dermal rollers and can’t wait to experiment more. Have you used a roller before?

Until next time,

Camille x

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On A Beauty Bender is a light-hearted, honest and somewhat quirky beauty blog, penned by a bird/cheese/lipstick obsessed counsellor with a bad habit of over-spending.

12 thoughts on “The Jade Roller

  1. We’ve been seeing these everywhere and have been so curious to try one for ourselves! We can’t believe you bagged yours for five bucks! Did you use it for long before noticing results? We really need to try this now!!

    M + K

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