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Hi lovely people,

I have always been interested in Korean cosmetics. The packaging is always colourful and adorable, plus the products are all really innovative and inventive. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when Priceline started stocking Touch In Sol late last year. My first encounter with Touch In Sol was when I travelled to Hawaii and bought the ‘Beauty Superstars’ sample box from Sephora. It contained the Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect mascara and boy, did I love it – It made my lashes long, curled and defined. My lashes looked like they could fly me away. Unfortunately Priceline doesn’t currently stock all of the colour cosmetics (no more butterfly lashes for me), it does however carry a huge range of primers, BB creams and other lovely products to slather all over yo’ face.


I am a little picky with primers. I dislike anything overly slippery, thick or slimy and I like something that plumps the skin and disguises pores. I need something that prevents my skin from getting oily but also isn’t too matte as well.  Touch In Sol do primers well, they tick all the boxes plus more. The Dark Out primers are lovely and are right on the colour correcting trend. There are three different colours – green for redness, purple to correct yellow and sallow tones and the peach version brightens and corrects gray tones. These primers are creamy, but not too thick, hydrating and the formula spreads out nicely. They disguise imperfections and leave the skin smooth and ready for foundation. These bad boys are on constant rotation and are much-loved items in my stash.


I have to mention the No Poreblem Primer because it is insanely good. It leaves the skin so soft, smooth and silky. My pores are immediately banished and ready for foundation. This primer makes my base sit seamlessly and prevents any oil breaking through throughout the day. Although No Poreblem is a silicone based primer it doesn’t leave behind a slippery film or greasy feeling that a lot of other similar primers do. I must give an honorable mention to I’m Very Useful Make-up Boomer primer, it illuminates so beautifully and leave such a lovely natural glow.


I was instantly intrigued by the Flawless Skin Top Coat. The idea sounded interesting and innovative. This magical product claims to combine a primer, BB cream, foundation and face powder all in one.It can be used alone, under or on-top of foundations. I have played around with this quite a bit and have found it works best for me when worn alone. The coverage, longevity and finish are already amazing on its own.  The packaging is beautiful and the product is delivered through an eye-dropper, therefore is quite thin.  It spreads, builds up and blends so effortlessly, covers all imperfections and evens skin tone, all while leaving the skin velvety soft with a soft powdery finish. Flawless Skin Top Coat lasts well, prevents oil and leaves skin looking healthy and airbrushed. The only downside is that it only comes in two shades.

I was lucky enough to receive the Corean CC-Cream but it unfortunately is way too light for me. But despite this I gave it a try while I was at home one day. The formula is creamy and spreads well. It left my skin really glowing with a light-medium coverage and seems to be a perfect ‘no make-up’ makeup. If only it wasn’t so light and didn’t leave me looking like a ghost. I believe that most Korean cosmetics don’t cater for medium to darker skin tones.


Another product that I have trialled is the Mission Complete Waterproof Sensitive Lip and Eye Makeup Cleanser(what a mouthful). First of all, I love the packaging. It is pretty cool looking and looks great in the bathroom.  Not only that, it actually works really well.  Its creamy and non-irritating and lifts off waterproof mascara and liquid lipsticks effortlessly. It can be used as a whole face makeup remover as well, but it does leave the skin a touch oily, so it is best to use cleanser afterwards as well.



Overall this is a great brand and really good introduction to Korean cosmetics. Touch In Sol create high quality cosmetics that deliver on their promises. In my opinion the primers are the standout of the current Touch In Sol line available. Hopefully one day soon Priceline will release more of the colour cosmetic range and my eyelashes will be back to being  beautiful butterflies.

Touch In Sol is sold exclusively in Priceline. Have you used any of their products? Can you recommend any other Korean cosmetic brands?

Camille x


DISCLAIMER – Although some of these products were sent for my consideration, all views and opinions are 100% honest. Some products were purchased with my own money. I only include products that I believe are worthy of a mention.



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