Violet Voss – Holy Grail Palette


I fell in love with this palette the second I saw a photo of it, I mean how could you not?! I had never heard of Violet Voss, had no idea about the quality but I knew I had to have it. But like I need anymore warm toned palette , or any more palettes for that manner.  I would spend so long looking at the holygrail palette hashtag on Instagram, drooling over these rich warm tones. I looked at swatches and read reviews which made me want it even more. But true to style, it was sold out.  I continued lusting over it, waiting for a restock and then finally there was a pre-order and I broke my spending ban and secured one.


Seriously, have a look at these colours! They are just stunning. They are so pigmented and buttery soft. The shades blend perfectly into eachother and are really long-lasting.There is 20 shades and they are perfect mixture of matte and crazy shimmery metallic colours. Toffee, On Fleek, Glamping, Crandberry Splash and Wine N Dine give me life. The mattes are lovely and soft – not chalky at all. I can already tell that Bestie, R U Kitten Me and Teddy Bear are going to get a daily workout.The pans are generous and laid out perfectly.


Holy Grail is super comparable to the Morphe 35O palette, but this bad boy contains beautiful red and burgundy tones aswell orange and bronze. HEAVEN for blue eyes! The packaging is sleek, thin and practical. It is black with silver embossing and the closure is magnetic. It also has a huge mirror. I wouldn’t say the names of the shadows are my favourite but I can definitely over look that for the high quality of the palette. Holy Grail is seriously holy grail status… I may just have to update my favourite 5 palettes.


I am officially obsessed.


Until next time,

The warm tone junkie – Camille x

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