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You may know of the international shopping service Shop and Box. Being from Australia, we don’t have access to a lot of international products. So Shop and Box allows you to purchase items you couldn’t usually get your hands on and they will forward the package to you. The idea is fantastic and really exciting. For so long I have eyed off different bits and pieces and surrendered to the fact that unless I physically go to the States I won’t be able to get them. So when the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette was released as a limited edition I had to ensure that it was mine. I made an order for the palette and a few bits and bobs and couldn’t contain my excitement that I was going to get my Sweet Peach and over a month before it was released in Australia.

Well that’s what I thought was going to happen…

I received the tracking information expecting my parcel was going to take at least a week to arrive, but was so surprised when it showed up within 3 days. I was so excited when I saw the DHL box, it arrived just in time for a weekend away in Brisbane. I sat down to open the box and starting pulling out the tissue paper and the other items I purchased – But where was the palette? It was not there! I was so cranky. This palette was the whole reason I made the order and forked out all the money for the shopping service and it wasnt even there. Absolutely devastated. I got in contact with my Shop and Box shopper, Peaches, and their generic email. The generic email responded by saying I needed to wait to hear from Peaches. Peaches stated I needed to send pictures of the box to the generic email. I really wanted this resolved ASAP, so I took it upon myself to contact DHL. I explained what had happened to DHL and they said they would pass the information onto a relevent customer service agent and call me back. Within the hour the lovely Nicole phoned me, expressing her empathy and understanding my frustration.We even had a quick chat about makeup and online shopping. She explained that she would get in contact with the warehouse in the US to see if they had re-packaged the box and if the item was floating around the warehouse, she advised that because of the time difference and our ANZAC day public holiday that I shouldn’t receive an update until Tuesday.

Nicole from DHL called me on Tuesday explained that the palette had not shown up in the warehouse and that there was nothing to say it had been re-packed. Nicole explained that she would be in contact with the Shop and Box to escalate the claim. However due to Shop and Box’s parent company being Malaysian, she was waiting on a response from them. At this stage I hadn’t had any response from ShopandBox nor Peaches.


Nicole from DHL called me everyday giving me an update, which I really appreciated. The customer service from DHL has been outstanding, and actually quite a pleasure to deal with. Nicole had stated that they have gotten in contact with both Shop and Box and their parent company and they are aware of my issues. However it was up to me to request a replacement or refund. Nicole sent me an email outlining the issue and their investigation to pass on to Shop and Box along with my request of a resolution. There was nothing else that DHL could do.

Unfortunately, I didn’t hear a word from either Shop and Box or my personal shopper for almost 2 weeks, which is really disappointing. I had emailed a few times with no response. I understand that this may not be their fault and it is a bit of a mystery, but with no replies to my emails and no follow-up  it is really upsetting and I feel as if they just don’t care. It wasn’t until I posted an instagram photo asking my followers for their experience with the company, did I get a response. The responses were admitting no fault, ensuring me that the palette had been packed – although Peaches admitted that there was no proof of this.  They explained that they would now have to investigate from their end which will take 4-6 weeks. I responded to this email asking whether this 4-6 weeks was on top of the 2 weeks I have already waited? I asked if they have retail insurance and it would be covered under this. I also asked if I would be updated along the way. Now once again, a week after I sent the email I am left with no reply.  It has now been three weeks since I received the package and I am no closer to getting any answers, a replacement or a refund.

It is so frustrating to be left in the dark. I feel that Shop and Box’s customer service has been unsatisfactory and I honestly believe that this will never be resolved. I payed full price for the palette, pricey shipping costs and a commission for Peaches and this will all just be swept under the carpet and I will be left palette-less. I will have to wait until Sweet Peach is released here and hope that I am able to get my mitts on it before it sells out. At this stage this is not a service that I want to be using again. I will investigate into other postal forwarding services if there is something that I desperately need that isn’t available in Australia.


After publishing this blog Shop and Box did get in contact with me. Shop and Box were understanding of my feelings and we emailed back and forth regarding a resolution. Jonah sent me the below email – I was over the moon. The exceptional customer service that I had read reviews about was finally happening. Shop ad Box have gone above and beyond to rectify the problem and I am really grateful. Although at the start it was a little shaky, Shop and Box definitely came through with the goods and I cannot thank them enough. I finally have Sweet Peach in my hot little hands and it was so worth all the heartache.



The Sweet Peach palette is being released tomorrow in Australia, will you be purchasing it?


Speak soon,

Camille x


DISCLAIMER – These views are based solely on my personal experience.






  1. May 12, 2016 / 10:46 pm

    Oh how disappointing. I had an issue with a company lately where I ordered a palette and they sent me the wrong one. They didn’t answer calls it would cut off and were slow with email replies. I sent the wrong palette back to them as requested but was nervous they’d not send me the right one back. The one I sent they couldn’t track or see was sent. I got it in the end but it really bugged me chasing up delivery people and the company x

  2. May 16, 2016 / 11:06 am

    I’m so nervous to try Shop and Box for this reason. I’ve heard too many horror stories for it to be worth it :/

    • May 16, 2016 / 9:27 pm

      I had actually heard great things, but I really have lost confidence in this type of service.

  3. May 19, 2016 / 6:51 am

    Oh no! I’m sorry you had a bad experience..that’s really unfortunate. Sigh we just want our makeup!! 😛

  4. Kitty
    June 3, 2017 / 1:19 am

    Are there any international shopping services besides shop and box? I was thinking to use them but this is not the first bad review that I read about them. Also they only responded to you after posting your experience to your blog. What about the rest of us that don’t have the same “power”?

    • Camille
      June 5, 2017 / 9:45 am

      While they did rectify the situation, it did take A LOT of chasing up. There are many other people who use Shop and Box regularly and don’t have any issues. I know Aus Post now have a shipping services called Post Mate (?) I think. But I have never personally used them. I haven’t been game to do another international order since this one.

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