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If you are a follower of the blog you’d be aware that body scrubs are my thing. I love what they do, the feel of them¬†and the spa-like experience they create in the bathroom.¬†So¬†I thought I’d take you through my current collection.



Ishka Sugar Scrub (AU$ 19.95)

Ishka¬†are such beautiful bohemian¬†shops filled with colourful clothes, furniture, crystals and incense. They are right up my alley. There isn’t a huge rage of beauty products, but they¬†do scrubs well – really well.¬† Ishka¬†Sugar Scrubs are full of natural, nourishing ingredients, vegan and Australian made. The sugar isn’t too large, making it fairly gentle. The oils moisturise the skin beautifully and the scent is just heavenly. It exfoliates¬†all those flakey areas and is the perfect prep for fake tanning or removing tan. I am passionate about natural and Australian made products, so¬†I generally pick this scrub over others. I recently wrote a review in an empties post, which can be found here.¬†I have a brand new unopened packet of Ishka’s Coffee, Orange and Vanilla scrub in my bathroom – Can’t wait to give that a go. If it is anything like the Sugar scrub, it will be incredible.


Sugar Baby РRaw Sugar and Coconut Scrub (AU$ 14.95)

This scrub smells so delicious. Full of beautiful ingredients like Organic Coconut Oil, Himalayan Sea Salt and Raw sugar, this scrub removes those pesky dry patches and leaves skin nourished, soft and moisturised. The price point is great, especially for the quality of the product. Can we take a moment to talk about the packaging?! It is just so beautiful. The colours and the palm tree just screams tropical holidays, making me think of smooth tanned skin and a Pina¬†Colada in hand… but really I’m in my cramped bathroom leaving sugar all over the floor, haha. That being said, it certainly creates a spa-like experience. You can find more thoughts about this product here.



Frank РCoffee Scrub (AU$ 14.95)

Frank is the OG of coffee scrubs. But would you believe I only recently used it for the first time. Firstly the scent is incredible –¬†completely orgasmic. The coffee and orange are really uplifting and energizing. The coffee granules are small and non-abrasive. Frank promises to reduces cellulite, stretch marks and scrub away pesky dry, flakey skin. The coffee scrub is also full of fair-traded, natural ingredients and 100% Australian owned and made (tick, tick and tick) My skin is left super smooth and soft, but my shower is left a little dirty. I love¬†that it is gentle enough to use on my face and¬†I feel as if it makes a difference.¬† I really do love this scrub and have succumbed to the hype. If you have ever contemplated trying this scrub, do it! You wont regret it.


Lacura – Detox Me Exfoliating Body Scrub (AU$ 4.99)
I picked this up on a whim in Aldi, I have never used any of the Lacura products before but has always been intrigued. Detox Me contains ground Arabica coffee beans, walnut shell, B3 Vitamins, Macadamia and Almond oils. At first impression it smells really lovely, but seems really dry. However once applied to wet skin the oils are released from the coffee and it works its magic. My skin is suuuuper soft and no oily residue is left on the skin. I love that the scrub is packaged in a little bottle with a screw top lid which makes it really easy to store and use. I would recommend giving this little guy a go.



Norwex РOlive Oil Salt Scrub (AU$ 41.95)

Norwex* is a brand that is committed to radically reducing chemicals in the home to promote health. I use Norwex¬†products to clean my house without the use of chemicals, and it is something I am particularly passionate about. Not only do Norwex¬†create amazing sustainable, natural cleaning products, they also have a beauty range. The Mediterranean Olive Oil Salt Scrub is an absolute winner. Made from 100% Dead Sea salt, which is high in minerals. It also contains organic olive oil and essential oils. The scrub contains no preservatives or perfumes . I would describe the scent as similar¬†to lemon butter¬† – It is full of citrus, but is somewhat creamy. The salt isn’t too large, so therefore isn’t too abrasive and the tub is full to the brim with olive oil.¬†The Mediterranean¬†Olive Oil Salt Scrub is probably the most heavy-duty¬†scrub that¬†I own, it is really great to use on hands and feet as well as the body. I would not recommend using this bad boy on your face.¬†It is just heavenly to use, my skin is so super smooth and moisturised. I find with salt scrubs that they can sting slightly if your legs have been recently shaved,¬† so I would advise against this. I use this scrub to remove fake tan, it is the best scrub I own for the job. The salt and oil are¬†great at exfoliating and breaking down old tan. The tub is huge and lasts forever. I have been re-purchasing this scrub for the last 4 years.

*Norwex can only be bought through a consultant


Lush – Rub Rub Rub (AU$ 14.95)

Full of sea salt, lemon juice and a mimosa scent, Rub Rub¬†Rub is an absolute pleasure for all the senses. The bright blue concoction is mineral rich and gentle on the skin. This¬†scrub is a tropical island in a tub. I find Rub Rub Rub to be maybe a little too gentle, it doesn’t do a great job of removing tan and due to the salt and lemon juice it can be very drying which doesn’t suit tan-prep. That being said, I still really enjoy using it.¬†My tub is kept in the shower and is gentle enough to be used daily for exfoliation and for that up-lifting scent.

IMG_1833 (2)

Camille’s Coffee Scrub

Alternatively you can make your own scrub, which I often do when I run out.

I mix up Cacao, Coffee, Raw Sugar, Coconut Oil and a couple of drops of essential oil and you are on your way. Store in an airtight container in a cool dark place and it will be good for quite a few months. However, it will last longer if stored in the fridge. This is also a great gift idea.  Store it in a cute jar, tie some ribbon around it and create your own label and you have a cute and thoughtful, handmade gift.


Other noteworthy scrubs that I really enjoy that¬†aren’t currently in my collection include – Humble Bean Coffee Scrub, MOR Marshmallow Crystal Body Scrub, The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub, Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub¬†and Soap and Glory Flake Away Spa Body Polish.

As you can see, I like different types of scrubs for different jobs. I will forever love the sensation of scrubs against my skin and will always be searching and trialling new ones, I just can’t get enough. Now after all that scrubbing,¬†I better go clean the shower ūüėČ

What are you favourite Scrubs? Which scrubs should make an appearance in my shower next?


Thanks for passing by,

Camille x


*Although some of these products were kindly sent for reviewing purposes all opinions are 100% honest.


  1. April 22, 2016 / 12:16 pm

    Great post! I’m really bad at using scrubs and usually just use a sea sponge or konjac sponge. I want to make my own coffee scrub after reading this! xo J

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