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Brows are everything.

Most days I brush my brows before I brush my hair. Needless to say I have a huge amount of brow products – gels, powders, fibres, pomades, pencils you name it. I am constantly on the search for my HG. But man, I am indecisive. Some days I like a super defined bold brown and other days I like simple and natural. So my favourite brow product varies from day to day. Fibre Gels however, are great for both looks. They are easily brushed on for an everyday look, or layered over powder or pencil for more depth and to set in place. These little tubes of magic are used daily by me and have to be my favourite type of brow product. I have used Benefit’s Gimme Brow religiously  for about 18 months but it really hurts my wallet to re-purchase. So when I found that other brands were creating similar products, I had to give them a go. These are tubes that I have trialled recently, and here are my thoughts…


Benefit – Gimme Brow in Light Medium (AUD $39)
The OG of fibre gels. This little guy has been of Holy Grail status to me for such a long time. But it does retail on the more expensive side of things. Taken from the Benefit website “This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair…creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending and a precision tip for shaping.”
The packing is the smallest out of the bunch, which is disappointing due to the price. But the brush is perfection, It is super tiny and tapered making it really easy to apply. Mistakes are hard to come-by with Gimme Brow.

The formula is full of pigment and very cool toned. It also quite thick and dries in a couple of minutes, longevity is crazy and the formula is definitely water resistant.

Gimme Brow leaves my brows fuller and defined. The colour pay off is great and looks really natural. Mistakes are easily corrected and instantly set in place.

This guy has cult status for a reason. It works like a treat, filling, defining and setting my brows. It looks really natural, is a breeze to use and lasts all day. The only throwback as mentioned is the price, but the little tube does last for quite a while.

Innoxa – Brow Enhancer in Ash Blonde (AUD$26.95)
Innoxa have really stepped up their game lately; They have been releasing really innovative and quality products that are really reasonably priced. Innoxa describes the Brow Enhancer as “a tinted gel containing tiny hair particles to help fill and shape any hair gaps within the brows and instantly enhance your natural brow. Contains Widelash™ a powerful active that helps to thicken and condition the hair. Contains cucumber extract to help refresh & hydrate the skin. ” I had to do a little more research on what Widelash is and I found that it is an active ingredient that fortifies the hair fibre and increases hair production. You can read more about it here. Furthermore, Innoxa is an Australian owned company that is 100% cruelty-free and dermatologically tested. Which, as you know, are big winners are in my books.

Packing is stock-standard when it comes to brow fibre gels. It’s small and compact with a metallic lid. But most importantly the spoolie is a great small size, making it super easy to apply without mess or mistakes.

This formula is the most unusual out of the 4 gels. It is quite wet and transparent with obvious darker fibres. The colour is cool toned, but slightly warmer than Gimme Brow. It dries really quickly and stays put all day.

Due to the transparency of the product, it is really easy to build up from natural to bold brows. If a mistake is made, it is easy to wipe away . After the product is set it lasts all day and my brows are set into shape.

I really like Innoxa Brow Enhancer. I find that it is the most natural looking of the gels, has the most fibres and easiest to use. I love it for me, but others may not like that the brow fibres are darker than the gel. Due to the formula being only slightly tinted, I use a brow powder to fill out my brows before using this to boost and set my brows.


Essence – Make Me Brow in Browny Brown (AUD$5.10)

Essence Cosmetics can be really hit and miss, but when they’re good, they are really good. The stand in Priceline does look cheap and nasty, which does reflect the price of the products but definitely not the quality. A few of my all time favourite items are from Essence. Essence describes Make Me Brow as a 3-in-1 colour, fill and shape. Coloured eyebrow gel with fibres for naturally fuller-looking brows.

Once again packing is the same as the previous 2. Make Me Brow is really small and compact and the brush is only slightly bigger than Gimme Brow and it is also tapered for a good fit.

The formula is quite wet and watery with no obvious fibres when swatched. The colour is super cool toned, almost bordering on grey and can be a bit patchy at times. It takes quite a while to dry and set completely, but once set, my eyebrows stay in place all day.

Although the formula doesn’t seem up to scratch when swatched, it actually applies to the brow quite well and the result is really nice. It dries hard, which some people don’t like, but I actually love – I know they are in place all day when they are set like concrete, haha.

I really thought this was going to be a miss. However, it does the job pretty well. Granted it is not as good as Innoxa or Benefit but it is really comparable. For the price, Make Me Brow is a great little gel to have in amongst your makeup collection.

Chi Chi – Fibre Brow in Medium Brown(AUD$19.95)

Chi Chi is a really reliable, home-grown brand that are creating really exciting products. Chi Chi is innovative and has their finger on the pulse of up and coming beauty products.  They recently released a brow range which I have really been enjoying. Their brow pomade is comparable to, if not better than, Anastasia Beverly Hills. Blog post to follow shortly. Right now let’s talk about their Brow Fibre. Chi Chi explain that the Brow Fibre “ colour corrects, fills in gaps and helps create perfect eyebrows with a natural looking finish.”


Chi Chi’s packaging is all black – I would prefer it to be the matching colour of the gel, to make it easier fining it when you own more than one colour. The brush is probably the most similar to Gimme Brow. It is small and tapered, making it the perfect size for the brow.

The formula is really opaque, definitely the most pigmented of the 4. It’s not as watery as Innoxa and Essence, and it’s a really creamy sort of consistency, but this does make it take a little longer to dry. There are no obvious fibres when swatched on the hand, but they can be seen while applying it to the brows. Similar to the rest, the longevity is great and the brows stay in place all day.

The colour pay off is crazy, so I’ve learnt to go in a little more light-handed with this one. Because of this I find it easy to overboard and make mistakes. But because it takes a little longer to dry, it is super simple to clean up. Brows are defined, fuller and set hard.


I really like the formula and brush of the Chi Chi Brow Fibre. I will purchase this in a lighter, better suited shade, which I hope will cut-down the amount of mistakes I have made with the medium brown. Chi Chi have once again created a winning, reasonably priced, high quality product.


Each of these Brow Fibre Gels have pros and cons. I like Benefit and Chi Chi for the formula and brush size, Innoxa for the amount of fibres and for natural looking brows and  I like Essence for the price tag. I believe many other brands such as Model Co have also created similar products and can’t wait to give them a test drive as well.

Have you used fibre gels? What is your favourite?

Thanks for reading.

Love and Lipstick,

Camille x

*All of these products have been purchased with my own money for my own personal collection.


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