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IMG_2809It is time for a brand spotlight and what a brand to start off with. Moo Goo has got to be one of my favourite brands ever. I have been using Moo Goo products for about 4 years now, and even though I experiment with other brands, I always find myself coming back again and again. As a note, I’d like to mention that I have purchased all Moo Goo products with my own money, and this is not, by any means, a sponsored post. Moo Goo is a family run business  -Australian made and owned. Using only natural and cruelty free ingredients. No-fuss, high-quality and simple products with values of honesty and integrity makes Moo Goo, to me, such a reliable company, that is always a pleasure to deal with.

“We are an Australian company with an entire range of natural and gentle products that are made with effective ingredients and no gimmicks.” – Taken from the Moo Goo website.


A Moo Goo online order – Such sweet packaging

The packaging is what initially intrigued me. It is adorable and simple, with themes of cattle, milk and grass gracing the bottles; even the outer cardboard packing looking like miniature milk cartons. Ordering online is an absolute breeze and your order arrives in a cow covered box and full of sweet smelling straw. I honestly don’t think I could say a bad word about the products, branding or company. The products do what they’re meant to, contain no nasties and the ingredient list is clearly written.  An off-shoot of Moo Goo is Dusty Girls. Dusty Girls is a make-up line which is founded on the same philosophy of Moo Goo.

Now trying to decide which products are my favourite has been a difficult task, and this constantly changes depending on my needs.  I have decided to highlight some items that I have re-purchased over and over again.

Oil Cleansing Method – Oily Skin

I am a big lover of the oil cleansing method. I have found that nothing removes make-up quite like nourishing oils. I have trialled many different oils, but keep coming back to this one. There are four different cleansers containing specific oils, which are targeted to the different skin types (Oily, Dry, Combination and Normal). The oily skin cleanser contains Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed, Avocado Oil and Rice Bran Oil just to name a few. I generally use this as a pre-wash cleanser/make up remover and also as a stream treatment when my skin is congested. My skin feels toned, moisturised and super clean after Moo Goo and I can thank it for a beautiful natural glow.


Tamanu Oil

I had never come across Tamanu oil before, it’s not a regularly mentioned in any skincare. But after reading up about it, I thought it would be perfect to try on my boyfriend’s acne scarring. Moo Goo’s websites states “Tamanu Oil is now becoming famous for its anti-ageing benefits abased on promotion of new skin and its assistance in repair. Ideal for acne, acne scarring and wound soothing. It is best applied in the evening or under a moisturiser.”  The oil is very distinctive in colour and scent. Tamanu Oil is thick, yellow and very strong smelling but I don’t find it unpleasant. It doesn’t absorb quickly, so it is best applied before bed. So far I have noticed how quickly my blemishes heal and my partner’s scarring doesn’t seem as severe. Stay tuned for some before and after pictures.


MSM Soothing Cream

MSM cream is made from a base of Moo Goo’s Full Cream moisturiser (another fave) with the added benefit of 10% MSM (organic sulphur) which is known for its calming properties. MSM soothing cream is best for sensitive, irritated skin (psoriasis, eczema, sunburn, etc.) but I just use it as a  light moisturiser on my face and body. I feel the soothing qualities on my skin instantly and the cream is quickly absorbed. Issues such as shaving rash, itches and flakey skin are soon cleared up after use. This is a cream that I always have on hand.


Oatmeal Cleansing Bar

I don’t use soap bars generally, I much prefer a body wash – but I had a bright spark a year or so a go.  I thought the Oatmeal Cleansing Bar would be perfect to clean my make-up brushes. The bars are filled with gentle natural oils, milk, honey and ground oatmeal, so as you would imagine they smell delicious. Plus the finely ground oatmeal is perfect to give my brushes a nice deep clean. I just swirl a wet brush around on the bar to create a lather, brush it over my sigma spa glove then rinse. My brushes come up so clean and soft with a slight smell of breakfast.


Earth Cream

Earth Cream is Dusty Girl’s answer to a tinted moisturiser/BB cream. It is light-weight and creates a natural, radiant looking base. Coverage is light-medium as you would expect, and it softens the look of blemishes and evens skin tone. Full of natural ingredients, Earth Cream won’t clog pores or harm the skin, it certainly doesn’t contribute to bad skin. This little guy is perfect on minimal make up days, allowing your skin to breathe but having some coverage at the same time. Definitely a favourite. I haven’t had the opportunity to try too much products from Dusty Girls. The eyeshadows and blushes are on my shopping list. The colours and formulas look amazing.


I am sure you can see how much I love this brand and their products. I am passionate about natural, Australian-made beauty products and Moo Goo ticks all the boxes. Have you used Moo Goo before? What are your favourites?


Love and Lipstick,

Camille x


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    Great review of some wonderful products Camille.

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